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Luxor (Safaga), Egypt-port

Cross the Nile to the famed Valley of the Kings and the magnificent tomb of Tutankhamen and the huge mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut. In the evening, witness the fabulous sound and light show at Karnak. Take a jeep safari into the desert to a Bedouin settlement for sweet tea and flatbread and enjoy the dramatic beauty of the sunset over the sands. Buy lovely hand-painted papyrus copies of tomb paintings, mother-of-pearl inlaid boxes, alabaster trinkets, jewelry, and replicas of ancient artifacts. Enjoy sizzling lamb dishes, falafel, and myriad other Middle Eastern and Egyptian specialties.

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  • Luxor and the Valley of the Kings


Code: SAFL32

Explore the beauty and mystery of Egypt's ancient temples and tombs during this memorable journey to Luxor. Along the way, you will visit the Karnak, Luxor and Hatshepsut Temples, Medinet Habu, Colossi of Memnon, and the Valley of the Kings . An overnight stay at Luxor's deluxe Hotel is included.


Upon disembarking the ship at Safaga Port, you will be met and depart for the 3-hour drive to Luxor. Upon arrival, you will be visiting the Luxor Temple. This renowned ancient structure was originally built during the reign of Amenophis the III, then expanded by Ramses II, who added a statue of himself and two obelisks. Today, only one of them remains at the Luxor Temple; the other one was given by Mohamed Ali to Louis Philippe in 1831, and is displayed at the Concorde in Paris to this day. After Alexander the Great rebuilt the sanctuary in the 4th century B.C., the Romans subsequently rebuilt portions of it and the Muslims built a mosque in the temple. Cameras and video cameras are permitted inside the Luxor Temple.

After the Luxor temple visit a stop will be made for lunch. After lunch, you will proceed for a visit to the Karnak Temple. Located about 2 miles north of the Luxor Temple but connected to it by an impressive avenue of sphinxes, the Karnak Temple was the most important sanctuary of ancient Egypt, and the heart of the cult of the god Amon. Each pharaoh added his own contribution to the temple over the ensuing 2,000 years. The Ptolemies erected the massive first pylon you will see.

Past the second pylon, guarded by a pair of huge statues of Ramses II, you will find the great hypo-style hall; the largest hall of any temple in the world. It spans 50,000 square feet, and contains 134 huge columns. You may observe that some of the columns still have traces of the brilliant paint that originally covered them.

The third pylon leads to the center court, and past the fourth pylon is the 97-foot-high obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut, carved from a solid piece of pink granite. As you pass through successive pylons and courts, you will journey back in time until you reach the oldest part of the temple, built by the pharaohs of the middle kingdom around 2000 B.C. At the south end of the temple, you will find the sacred lake where ceremonial boats took part in the worship of Amon. Cameras and video cameras are permitted inside the Karnak Temple free-of-charge.

Following your visit to the Karnak Temple, you will be transferred back to your hotel for check-in .

In the evening, you will depart for a unique sound and light show at the Karnak Temple, then return to your hotel for dinner. Overnight in Luxor.

Please note: Dinner will be served from 7:30p.m. to 10:30p.m. Guests attending the Sound and Light Show can eat dinner following the show.


After a buffet breakfast, you will cross over the Nile to the West Bank for a visit to the Valley of the Kings, hidden in the foothills of the Gourma Mountains. More than 60 tombs of Pharaohs and noblemen have been found in this valley. The kings' formal names and titles are inscribed in their tombs, along with their images and statues. Between the 18th and 20th Dynasties, the kings abandoned the Memphis area and built their tombs in Thebes. Cameras and video cameras may be used during your visit, but are not permitted inside the tombs.

Next, you will continue on for a photo stop at the Hatshepsut Temple, uniquely-designed as a series of grand terraces extending up a cliff, with rows of square granite columns blending in with the mountainside. From here, you will proceed for a visit to Medinet Habu. Built by Ramses III, the temple is among the most interesting of the funerary chapels on the West Bank. The reliefs on both sides of the doorway depict battle scenes of Ramses III clubbing a number of vanquished people, with 86 captives nearby. The text on the north side is a description of the king's conquest of the Libyans.

After your visit to Medinet Habu, a photo stop will be made at the Colossi of Memnon, which was originally built as a mortuary temple in Thebes and guarded by two gigantic statues on the outer gates. All that remains today are the 75-foot-high, 1,000-ton statues of Amenhotep III. Though damaged by nature and ancient tourists, the statues are still impressive nonetheless. Cameras and video cameras are permitted free of charge.

Following your visit to the Colossi of Memnon, you will be transferred to your hotel for a buffet lunch. After lunch, you will check-out and depart for the 3.5-hour drive to Safaga. Upon arrival, you will proceed directly to the pier and embark the ship.

Overland Program Step by Step:

Please note: The order of sites visited may vary to avoid congestion. The timings indicated are only approximate, and are given here for general reference purposes and are subject to change.


Voyager is already alongside in Safaga, Egypt.

7:00am Disembarkation at Safaga port.

7:45am Depart pier to Luxor. Approximately 3.25 hrs drive. Restrooms are

available on bus.

11:15am Visit Luxor temple

12:15pm Proceed for lunch

12:30pm Buffet lunch at deluxe hotel. Beverage served is bottled water, tea and coffee

1:30pm Proceed to Karnak temple

1:45pm Visit Karnak temple

3:30pm Proceed to your hotel

3:45pm Check in.

Optional shopping with your guide if you wish from 5:00pm - 6:00pm

6:30pm Proceed to Karnak temple

7:00pm English show

8:00pm Back to your hotel

8:30pm Buffet Dinner at the main restaurant - Beverage served is bottled

water, tea & coffee.

Buffet dinner will be served from 7:30pm to 10:30pm for anyone who opts out of the


Overnight at the Sonesta, St. George Hotel or similar (Nile view rooms not guaranteed)


6:30am Buffet Breakfast at the hotel.

7:30am Cross the Nile to the west bank

8:15am Visit the Valley of the Kings. Your entrance ticket includes

the entry to three tombs of your choice .

9:45am Proceed to Hatshepsut temple

10:00am Photo stop at Hatshepsut temple

10:10am Proceed to Habu temple

10:15am Visit Habu temple

11:00am Proceed to Colossi of Memnon

11:05am Photo stop at Colossi of Memnon

11:10am Back to your hotel

11:45am Buffet lunch and check out. Beverage served is bottled water, tea

& coffee .

1:00pm Drive back to the Safaga to rejoin your ship. Approximately 3.25

hrs drive. Restrooms are available on bus. No comfort stop made.

4:00pm Arrival at the port and re board the ship

Expected Weather 22 C

What to Bring Comfortable clothes , shoes and sunglasses

Currency Egyptian Pound but USD are accepted

Electricity 220 - 240 V

Luggage Carry on is suggested for one night stay

Language & Religion Arabic Language - Majority is Moslems

Documents No visa required for US , EU & Canadian Citizens

Accommodation Sonesta St George hotel - 5 Stars deluxe OR SIMILAR

Nile view rooms not guaranteed

Meals included One breakfast , two lunches and one dinner

Please note: Land programs that encompass multiple days ashore customarily include extensive and prolonged activity, while those of shorter durations typically have more moderate activity levels. However, each program varies and participants should be prepared to negotiate a mixture of surfaces which may include: inclines, cobblestones, sand, and gravel or natural paths. There may also be a need to climb steps or stairs on occasion. Guests who utilize a wheelchair and those with mobility concerns are advised to check with the cruise line in advance to see if any portion of the tour program may not be considered suitable for their individual situation. Weather appropriate clothing; hats; sunglasses; and flat, comfortable walking shoes are generally recommended.

Hotel and Land Program pricing is not combinable with FREE 1-Night Pre-Cruise Luxury Hotel Package. If applicable, please contact Regent Seven Seas Cruises or your travel agent for multi-night pre-cruise hotel pricing information. Land program promotions are subject to terms.