In modern times, the central section of Florida's Atlantic Coast has come to be known as the Space Coast. Though the former Soviet Union won the "space race" by launching the first manned space flight, the U.S. base of operations was Cape Canaveral Air Force Base and its Kennedy Space Center was then home of NASA operations. In stark contrast to the "High Tech" space industry, the surrounding area is a wildlife preserve, and is a major breeding ground for many endangered seabirds.

Port: Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral

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  • "real" Florida Airboat Adventure

    Come ride with us for an adventure of a lifetime. You will skim across the waters of the St. Johns River at speeds of 30 miles per hour into the scenic natural wetlands of Florida on this 45-60 minute Airboat ride. Our US Coast Guard Certified captains will whisk across both deep and shallow water into the highways of the swamp. Each ride will offer a unique and exhilarating experience of its own.

    You will come within hands reach of alligators, snakes, osprey and turtles. Additionally, the opportunity exists to see eagles, hawks, cranes, egrets and herons soaring above. As you race across the water you will have a chance to view some of the picturesque natural habitats of Florida, including pickerel weed and water lilies. To ensure you receive the most out of your tour, the ride will be narrated using noise canceling, voice activated headsets.

    Be sure to hold on to your hats as you rip across the St. Johns River on this fun filled educational tour. After your adventure, rejoin your coach for the journey back to the pier.

    Please note: This tour includes minimal walking; however, participants must be able to make their way on and off the airboat. The tour is not available to guests who utilize a wheelchair and those with mobility concerns are cautioned to evaluate their personal level of ability. Casual clothing and flat, comfortable walking shoes are suggested. Ear protection is provided. Wildlife sightings, while very common, are not guaranteed.

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  • Cocoa Village & Merritt Square Shopping Shuttle

    This tour allows you to do some independent exploring and shopping by providing a transfer from the port to the Historic Cocoa Village and the Merritt Square Mall.

    Cocoa Village is a charming cornucopia of unique shops, galleries, cafés and gourmet restaurants, all tucked away amidst the tree-lined avenues of a nostalgic riverside community. The drive to this area is approximately 20 minutes from the port. The shuttle will also stop at Merritt Square Mall, where you will find several large department stores and lots more.

    The shuttle bus will run throughout the day at approximately 1-hour intervals.

    Please note: The cruise line is not responsible for the operating schedule of this shuttle. Guests may wish to secure independent taxi transfers in the event of unexpected delays, or a desire to return at your own leisure. All activity on this tour is solely at the guest's discretion. Wheelchairs cannot be accommodated on the shuttle.

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  • Kennedy Space Center

    On a trip to Kennedy Space Center, a day becomes an odyssey for the entire family as you experience the thrilling past, present and future of America's space program.

    Your tour begins with a short ride from the pier to the Kennedy Space Center. En route, your personal guide will brief you on your Florida Space Coast visit. You will leave the coach outside the main entrance in order to pass through a security check. Once inside the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex, guests will be escorted to designated KSC coaches for a bus tour of restricted NASA property. At each stop, you will rejoin a different coach (This may require some waiting in lines during peak periods).

    On your tour of the secure areas, you will have an close-up view of the space shuttle launch pads (closer than regular guests are allowed), see one of the largest buildings in the world - the vehicle assembly building, and visit the award-winning Apollo/Saturn V Center. Here, you will relive the launch of the massive Saturn V rocket and enjoy a front-row seat as man lands on the moon.

    Your personal tour concludes at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, where you will have the opportunity to touch a piece of Mars, enjoy an IMAX space film and "The Shuttle Launch Experience" which will take visitors on a simulated shuttle launch beyond the boudaries of Earth.

    At the conclusion of your Kennedy Space Center experience, you will board your coach for the return transfer to Port Canaveral.

    Please note: This tour includes a moderate amount of walking. The tour is available to wheelchair guests who have a collapsible wheelchair, are able to make their own way on and off the coaches and have a companion to assist them. Casual clothing and flat, comfortable walking shoes are suggested.

    The security check is very thorough and items similiar to those prohibited by airlines will be confiscated. Confiscated items will not be returned. Coolers, luggage or other large bags are not permitted through the front gate. All bags, purses and other items will be opened and inspected at the Visitor Complex. All electronic devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, mobile/cellular phones, video recorders, voice recorders and pagers must be in working condition before entering the complex. Devices that cannot be powered on, broken devices or devices without properly charged batteries will not be permitted through the front gate. Stand alone GPS equipment is not permitted on property.

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  • Lunch With An Astronaut

    This special option is only available as an add-on to tour PCV-001, the "Kennedy Space Center" tour and is meant to enhance your experience by dining with an Astronaut. For guests who have reserved PCV-001: Kennedy Space Center via the website, please call Regent Reservations to reserve this tour.

    During your time at the Visitor Complex you will be treated to a lunch that will be hosted by a real-life Astronaut. This unique experience offers you the opportunity for an up-close and personal encounter with a true American hero. During lunch, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and take photos.

    Please note: The guest astronaut will make a presentation during lunch with time for questions and answers at the conclusion. A meal of roasted chicken with side items, served buffet style is included. This is not exclusive to Regent guests.

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