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How can I ship luggage to/from the ship?

Our partnership with Luggage Free can help you make the necessary arrangements to ship, door-to-door, any additional baggage or equipment you may want, without the bother of taking it yourself. Luggage Free, a custom luggage-shipping and delivery service, provides guests with door-to-door luggage shipping, avoiding the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming luggage - and even going through customs. Using the service, guests can even make reservations online. Within 24 hours after your order is placed nationwide (six hours in New York City), Luggage Free sends a representative to your home, wraps each bag in protective covering, and transfers them to the nearest airport. The bags are placed in Luggage Free's forward freight system, and then delivered to your destination via its airborne infrastructure. After the bags land, Luggage Free picks them up at the airport, clearing international shipments through customs. Finally, Luggage Free transfers the bags to their ultimate destination address. The process is reversed for the return trip. Guests can make arrangements to have their luggage transported from their home to the ship, and back home from any international port at the end of their cruise by contacting Luggage Free directly: 800-361-6871;; and

How do I pre-book dining reservations online?

How do I pre-book shore excursions online?

One of my shore excursions is in Wait List status. When will I know if I am confirmed?

How do I pre-book spa services?

I am in suite 816 on Seven Seas Mariner. Why do my bag tags say deck 8F?

Is there a limit on baggage?

What if I am celebrating a special occasion?

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Do you provide wheelchairs, mobility devices or other special needs to passengers?

What is the dress code?

What is your policy on passports and visas?

What proper documentation is required for visiting Canada?

When do I receive tickets and documentation?