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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are past guests eligible for any discounts?

Seven Seas Society members, or guests who have sailed with us before, are eligible for savings on select voyages. Please visit the Seven Seas Society area of our website for more details.

Can I "buy" additional nights to get to a higher tier?

Can you explain the complimentary transfers in the Titanium Tier Level?

Complimentary Pressing and Laundry Services are available at my tier. Does this include Dry Cleaning?

How can I find out my tier and what benefits I'm entitled to?

How can I join the program?

If certain benefits are not used on the cruise, will guests be credited?

If I become eligible for a higher benefit tier while I'm onboard, when can I take advantage of the additional benefits?

The program is based on eligible nights. How are eligible nights determined?

What are examples of the exclusive Gold, Platinum and Titanium Activities?

Where can I get more information about the benefits offered?