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Parintins (Amazon River), Brazil-port

The small village of Parintins on Tupinambarana Island is situated in the largest river archipelago of the mid-Amazon. Steeped in centuries-old Indian culture, this village is celebrates an annual “Boi Bumba” festival. The yearly folkloric festival, considered second only to Carnival in Rio, is held in June but the townspeople reenact the festival for visitors throughout the year.

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Below is a list of those shore excursions previously offered in this port. For information on which shore excursions will be offered on a particular cruise, please reference the specific itinerary of that cruise.

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Boi Bumba Folk Show

Light Activity /Walking Minimal Activity Required

Duration: 1 3/4 hours

Tour Code: PAR-001

Experience a taste of Amazonian folklore and festivity during this exclusive exhibit of the Boi-Bumba celebration. The people of Parintins exude a vibrant glow of beauty, happiness and pride in their culture as they carry on a part of their rich tradition that is rooted in a 19th-century fable.

Tender from the ship to the floating port and a short walk across the floating bridge will take you to the modern and full air-conditioned Parintins Convention Center, where a festive atmosphere awaits and a delicious caipirinha drink welcomes you as the air of excitement and anticipation rises. You will then be led to the seating area to enjoy this very special presentation.

With song and dance, the performers will celebrate the joy of life in a mesmerizing display of revelry. The captivating story of the Boi-Bumba will unfold before you, with the " Sinhazinha da Fazenda" and "Cunha-Poranga", two of the most beautiful performers; intriguing man-made bull - the "Paje" the medicine man of the tribe and many other actors of this enchanting tale. With colorful costumes and "Bumba" sounds this is truly a feast for eyes and ears.

At the conclusion of this traditional performance, you will have an opportunity to appreciate the lavishly designed costumes, and possibly meet the performers from the show. This spectacular performance is an event that should not be missed! Loud, rhythmic music can be expected.

You will return to the floating pier for the short tender trip back to your ship.

Please note: This tour is capacity controlled, as the venue holds 380 guests. There is an approximately 15 minute walk (approx. 500 meters) to get to and from the venue. There is no transport available to transfer guests so you must be able to walk up to 500 meters to reach the venue in order to participate in this tour. The tour is available to wheelchair guests who have an able-bodied companion to assist them and there are wheelchair ramps at the venue. Those guests with mobility concerns are cautioned to carefully evaluate their personal level of stamina and ability. Weather appropriate clothing and flat, comfortable walking shoes are recommended. The venue is air conditioned.