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Free Unlimited Shore Excursions Explore... It's All Included.

Only Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers FREE UNLIMITED SHORE EXCURSIONS. Shore excursions are the heart of every destination, allowing our guests to experience the history, culture and cuisine of the exciting ports of call visited with knowledgeable local guides and comfortable transportation. And by offering unlimited shore excursions, our guests can take as many tours in a day and during their entire voyage as time and their penchant for adventure allows.

We offer a collection of optional tours that, due to their unique content, require a highly discounted supplementary charge to partially offset the cost of their more extravagant nature. These are our REGENT CHOICE SHORE EXCURSIONS and they range from private behind-the-scenes tours of world-renowned places to authentic cultural experiences. Among this collection are our GOURMET EXPLORER TOURS, exclusive to Seven Seas Explorer®, which allow you to savor the local flavors of esteemed wineries and restaurants in the company of a Master Chef.

Click here, to learn more about each destination and the shore excursions offered in every port.

Allow us to take care of every detail.
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