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Free Unlimited Shore Excursions Make Your Vacation Your Own

Immerse yourself into every destination by taking advantage of our hallmark inclusion of thousands of incredible, FREE Unlimited Shore Excursions. These excursions are curated with the goal of providing more ways to engage your interests and indulge your passions, from food and wine to art and architecture. That includes over 350 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, providing unique opportunities to experience world history in powerful and tangible ways. Himeji-jo, the largest castle of its kind, absolutely captures the imagination as it launches you back into 17th century Japan, while witnessing the Northern Lights in Norway feels like a supernatural introduction into the mystical world of Norse mythology. Enjoy more of our world in both powerful and authentic ways with Regent Seven Seas Cruises® and your FREE Unlimited Shore Excursions.

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  • Bordeaux Sampler

    The Curative Muds of Mar Menor
    Wellness Tour

    Just north of Cartagena, Spain, lies the inland sea called Mar Menor, which is separated from the Mediterranean by a narrow sandbar known as La Manga. Take a relaxing stroll along the seaside promenade and learn the many benefits of the mud baths. Rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium and sodium, the waters and muds of Mar Menor offer many curative properties, including relief from arthritis, gout and other ailments.

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  • Fairy Tale Castle Schwerin

    Helsinki Through the Eyes of a Local
    Go Local Tour

    Experience local life by exploring food markets and a shopping mall, sampling Finnish cuisine and then strolling a serene waterfront park. The day starts with a visit to the most popular food market, Kauppahalli, to observe and taste the variety of local fish, meat, and cheeses. Take a local tram toward Kamppi Center to visit the two most famous Finnish supermarkets before touring the underground Central Bus Station, which connects Helsinki with the surrounding towns.

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  • City Highlights & Uruguayan Beer Tasting

    City Highlights & Uruguayan Beer Tasting

    Architectural gems, a lush municipal park and a 100-year-old farmer’s market are just some of the gems you’ll experience in Montevideo, Uruguay. After touring is complete, prepare to delight your taste buds, as you’ll spend time tasting Uruguayan beer at a local Artisan brewery.

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  • Whale Watching & Wildlife Quest

    Whale Watching & Wildlife Quest

    In Juneau, Alaska, relax in the warm, spacious main cabin surrounded by the majestic backdrop of snow-capped peaks and glaciers as the onboard naturalist explains wildlife encounters. Be on the lookout for humpback and killer whales, Stellar sea lions, Dall's porpoise, harbor seals, bald eagles, bears, and Sitka blacktail deer.

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  • Scenic Phuket & Elephant Camp

    Scenic Phuket & Elephant Camp

    In Phuket, Thailand, your tour commences with a mouth-watering stop at the cashew factory, Sri Bhurapa Orchid Company, where you’ll witness the creation of delectable sweets. After a stop at Chalong Temple, you’ll watch a young elephant being bathed, enjoy a Thai cooking demonstration and conclude with a rubber tapping demonstration.

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