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Constanta (Bucharest), Romania-port

Located just 150 miles east of Bucharest, Constanta is the gateway to Romania’s beautiful capital, as well as to the beach resorts just to the north and south of the town. The poet Ovid described his years of exile here in his famous poems “Ponticae” and “Tristia;” his tomb in marked by a statue in the square that bears his name. The Old Town is graced by lovely French and Art Deco architecture, and the city also boasts a world-class archaeological museum.

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Below is a list of those shore excursions previously offered in this port. For information on which shore excursions will be offered on a particular cruise, please reference the specific itinerary of that cruise.

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Regent Choice Excursions

  • Light Activity /Walking Light Activity /Walking
  • Seated Tour Seated Tour
  • Moderate Activity/Walking Moderate Activity/Walking
  • Most Active or Strenuous Most Active or Strenuous
  • Minimal Activity Required Minimal Activity Required
  • Regent Choice Regent Choice
  • Meal Meal
  • Evening Tour Evening Tour
  • A Visit to the Ancient Citidal of Histria
    Moderate Activity/Walking
  • Bucharest
    Light Activity /WalkingRegent ChoiceMeal
  • Constanta City and Roman Ruins
    Light Activity /Walking
  • Constanta Sights , Romanian Folk Show & Wine Tasting
    Seated TourMeal
  • Executive Collection Full Day Car
    Seated TourRegent Choice
  • Executive Collection Full Day Minibus
    Seated TourRegent Choice
  • Executive Collection Full Day Van
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  • Executive Collection Half Day Car
    Seated TourRegent Choice
  • Executive Collection Half Day Minibus
    Seated TourRegent Choice
  • Executive Collection Half Day Van
    Seated TourRegent Choice
  • Multi-Culture Tour
    Moderate Activity/Walking
  • Panoramic Constanta
    Seated TourMinimal Activity Required
  • The Wild Realm of the Danube Delta
    Light Activity /WalkingMeal

A Visit to the Ancient Citidal of Histria

Moderate Activity/Walking

Duration: 4 hours

Tour Code: CND-006

Twenty-six hundred years ago on the shore of Lake Sinoe in the northern part of Istria peninsula, the city of Histria was founded by the Greek colonists from Millet. It was the first Greek colony on the west shore of the Black Sea and is the oldest city in the Romanian territory. It was discovered in 1914 by the well-known Romanian archaeologist and historian Vasile Parvan. The trip to Histria is considered a special interest excursion for those who hold a particular interest in ancient history and archaeology.

Leaving Constanta, Histria is located just 43 miles north of Constanta. A 60-minute drive by coach will take you through the scenic countryside while your guide introduces you to past history and present-day Romania. For eight centuries during the Greek and Roman times, Histria was a prosperous and developed city with paved streets, comfortable houses, aqueducts, gymnasiums, and temples. Histeria was a trading post backed by abundant fisheries as well as by the fertile hinterland which would produce an abundance of cereals. Furthermore, there was easy access from the north by crossing the Danube to Dacia's raw-materials of both silver and gold; as evidenced in the city's fine coinage. Here, you will visit the Citadel, the Histeria. Museum, and Ancient Citadel.

Guests may see a variety of city walls from the Hellenistic, early Roman, and late Roman Empire, the remains of public buildings, baths, secular basilicas, Christian churches, shops, and workshops. The museum beside the ruins display a unique collection of highly valuable archaeological discoveries from the area. The city was destroyed several times by the invasions of the nomadic tribes, and, with time, it was left in ruins and was abandoned.

Next, you will go on a hike to the remains of ancient Histria. The ruins, temples, sacred fountains and baths, represent what is left of the defense wall dating back to the Roman-Byzantine period. Then, the tour takes us to the fortress and the Museum of Histria, displaying sculptural and architectural fragments, amphorae, statuettes, ceramics, glass vases, coins, and jewelry. Histria together with the other ancient citadels on the northwest coast of the Black Sea represents proof that the Greek and later on Roman civilizations were in these parts of Europe.

From there, you will reboard the coach for your return drive back to Constanta. Lastly, guests will visit the Folk Art (Ethnologic) Museum in Constanta, which connects the ancient past to the local traditions and customs by introducing tourists into the life style of the Dobrogean farmer.

Please note: Guests are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes for this hiking tour which involves considerable walking for approximately 60 minutes on uneven surfaces and natural pathways and trails. In addition, there are approximately 32 steps to climb at the Histeria Museum, and 24 steps at the Folk Art Museum. This tour is not recommended for guests with limited mobility or for guests who utilize a wheelchair.