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Cagliari (Sardinia), Italy-port

Savor this delightful old city spread over seven hills and its many attractions reflecting the influence of its numerous rulers. Climb to the citadel; visit the fabulous Archaeological Museum, Roman ruins and Pisan towers, early Byzantine churches, the Cathedral or the Botanic Gardens. Enjoy the nearby beach or discover the remains of Sardinia's ancient, enigmatic Nuraghe culture, their villages and huge burial caves.

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Below is a list of those shore excursions previously offered in this port. For information on which shore excursions will be offered on a particular cruise, please reference the specific itinerary of that cruise.

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  • Ancient Nora
    Light Activity /Walking
  • Cagliari & St Joseph’s Convent
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  • Epic Sardinia
    Moderate Activity/Walking
  • Highlights of Cagliari
    Light Activity /WalkingMinimal Activity Required
  • Historical Cagliari
    Seated Tour

Ancient Nora

Light Activity /Walking

Duration: 4 hours

Tour Code: CAG-005

Visit Nora, the first town ever founded on Sardinia, and tour its beautifully preserved ruins, which showcase the remains of at least three different cultures.

It's an hour's drive southwest from the pier to the seaside village of Nora, which is thought to have been the first Nuraghic village founded in Sardinia. By the 8th century B.C., Nora had become a Phoenician colony and was subsequently conquered by the Carthaginians and Romans. The town thrived as an important trading port under Roman rule, but once the Roman Empire faltered, Nora was invaded by opportunistic vandals and pirates. The inhabitants eventually abandoned the village and moved to the safer interior of Sardinia. Over the centuries Nora was forgotten, and it wasn't until 1952 that excavations began. Walking through the ruins, you'll be amazed by what was unearthed.

At the site, you will find thermal bathes, a Carthaginian temple dedicated to the goddess Tanit, and Roman villas adorned with colorful mosaics. The most recent excavation is a fantastic Roman forum. Your guide will explain what life was like in ancient Nora and even hypothesize about the part of the village that is buried just offshore after sinking into the sea.

Leaving Nora behind, you'll return to Cagliari, and enjoy a brief stop for photos at the 11th century Church of Saint Ephisius, which is named for the town's patron saint. Afterwards, you'll transfer back to the pier where your tour concludes.

Please note: This tour includes approximately 75-minutes of moderate walking and standing. There are some uneven surfaces, steps and inclines to negotiate at the archaeological site. The tour is not available to wheelchair guests and not considered suitable for those with mobility concerns. Weather appropriate clothing; sun cap; sunglasses; and flat, comfortable walking shoes are recommended. The order of the sites viewed or visited may vary.